2012, A Year of Growth

By Page Wood December 30, 2012

As we’re all about to embark on 2013, I want to reflect a little on 2012. The past year has been one of the most exciting and most challenging years of my life. Full of ups, downs, twists and turns!

2012: What happened?

  1. Recovered from a severely broken wrist
  2. Started a business
  3. Graduated from College
  4. Started dating an amazing girl
  5. Experienced NOLA, several beaches, The North East, and planned a semi-move to Hawaii.
  6. Made many new friends
  7. Broke Old habits
  8. Discovered a new desire to learn! I now frequent Code Academy, Team Treehouse, and several other daily blogs.


I did these things by discovering a passion (working with multimedia online), and then surrounding myself with positive people and situations. I believe it’s The Departed¬†where they say, “You’re a product of your environment.” I’ve found this to be incredibly true in the last year. Of course, I also took a lot of chances and worked incredibly hard over the past year. Starting a business upon graduating college has proved to be one of the most challenging, and most rewarding experiences of my life.

What’s next?

For 2013 I have a few goals in mind… On January 2nd, I’m semi-moving to the North Shore of Oahu. That’s a big step.

  1. Use my web skills to develop some passive income with a niche website. Domains have been purchased… And this niche website has a lot to do with my trip to Hawaii!
  2. Create at least a 15 minute film on my trip to the North Shore.
  3. Release one surfing photo per day.
  4. Blog more
  5. Design more
  6. Take more photos and make more videos
  7. Network more.
  8. Publicly release a WordPress plugin. I’ve made many, but I haven’t submitted any to the public directory.
  9. Enjoy life more.

I’ve created a pretty specific list of goals for this year. I’ve kept these goals specific so that I can easily measure my success. Goals such as “working out more” are easy to lose track of, and are really hard to measure. I want to see growth that I can measure in my life. 2012 was full of so much growth, and I’m stoked to see what 2013 will bring.


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