A different "in Review" for 2023

By Page Wood January 03, 2024

I’m pretty thankful that I have a lot of friends and family who have been following my year in review posts for a bit now. Some have asked about what I’d say in my annual blog post this year, as 2023 was a bit of a different year, to say the least. It was a year filled with incredible moments, and the absolute darkest of moments. It was a year that was shattering and filled with some serious mountains to climb over in terms of health, relationships, and work. 2023 was a year that will forever be challenging for me to remember.

I’ll hold off on the annual “look back” for the moment, and instead keep pouring my time this week into snowboarding and some creative endeavors.

There’s a lot of newness happening already in 2024 and some pretty epic things are planned. I’m stoked to get back to writing in a much more regular fashion in due time. Stay tuned!

Page Wood in Killington, Vermont
One particular 2023 highlight: I loved snowboarding in Killington, Vermont. Let this photo be a hint for things to come.


P.S. Somehow last year I disabled the comments on my blog. I’ll dive into fixing that soon!