The Move to Hawaii

By Page Wood January 16, 2013

meroofphoto_small2013 is here and I’m now residing in Hawaii.

I started planning this trip a little under a year ago. I love to surf, and The North Shore of Oahu is like no other place on earth. It’s very much still a country area, and it has a 7 mile stretch of some of the best surf breaks in the world. This trip was a big push for me to pursue starting my own web design/marketing business a year ago. Working for myself has allowed me to do things like take this trip, and experience so much.

So what am I doing in Hawaii? I am not on a vacation. I’m still working every day, and in some cases operating on East Coast time. Every Monday I’m up at 5:30 to make weekly phone calls to clients back east. I’m presently working on developing three different websites. I’m still blogging every week for clients. There is a big difference though… My motivation has increased so much out here. The North Shore, I see amazing things every day, and I just feel all around more inspired.

One of the largest boosts in my inspiration is a side project that I’m working on while I’m here; Each day I’m out shooting photos of surfers from both in and out of the water. At the end of the day, my best shots make their way onto my blog. My dream has always been to work my media skills into the surf industry, so I think this is a good step in that direction.

One of my shots from a swim at Gas Chambers last weekend.

Much of my blogging efforts are currently going into client work and, but I’m going to try and update this more! Stay tuned.


Ryan Daley
Ryan Daley
January 27, 2013 9:25 pm

Hey hows it goin Page. I was wondering if you have any shots of me from that day at gas chambers yesterday... I was the bald guy who asked you if you were selling pics and you told me bout your website. I also told you i broke my skeg on one of the shots i think you took of me. please let me know so i can buy em from you. Feel free to call if u want 864-5431 mahalo

Page Wood
Page Wood
January 28, 2013 2:30 am

Hey Ryan! I was testing out video on my GoPro when you took that wave. I got a really great video clip of you- I'll shoot you an email about it tonight. Mahalo.


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