Tom Tom Fest

Winter 2015 -

Storyware has been a sponsor of Tom Tom Founder’s Festival for the past two years. My first project when I joined the Storyware team was the front end development portion of Tom Tom’s 2015 website. What a pleasure it has been to work on the Tom Tom website over the past two years. As the festival and organization have grown, so too has the website. In the fall of 2016 we completed an extensive upgrade to the Tom Tom festival website that allows the festival to rapidly expand and modify the website’s content through configurable content block components. I built the front-end and back-end of these highly customizable blocks using Advanced Custom Fields, and Expresser, a library built for extending WP-Query by Graham Blevins, Storyware’s co-founder and Technical Director. It has been a pleasure working on the Tom Tom website and I can’t wait to see what Paul and the Tom Tom team do next.