Surf is here!

By Page Wood September 15, 2013

The surf has returned to the North Shore of Oahu. Last week, I snapped my first photos of the season and put up a blog post over on my surf photo blog. I’m pretty excited to be back in the water, and back behind the lens.

Gas Chambers barrel shot by Page Wood

Last season was my first time shooting from the water, and I want to do much more of that this winter. I’m looking into picking up a full-frame setup and Water Housing in the next month or two…. What an upgrade from the GoPro that will be! Stay tuned for more.

View my Blog Post on Surf The North Shore

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  1. tushar

    I forgot what you mention in this blog when i saw the picture you have taken in north shore. i have seen a beautiful picture from a long time i really like this. you are doing great hope we ll get a new and precious apps quickly.


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